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About Athene

Our philosophy is simple -
Customer satisfaction is a right. In fact, we don't want satisfied customers, we want delighted customers. It is our goal to thoroughly understand the needs of management and end users. We believe that end users often do not get the time and attention they deserve to make sure applications really do make their jobs and lives easier. We work with users at all levels to make sure you are heard and your needs met.
Improvement through innovation - Athene, Inc. specializes in the development of custom applications for the web, Windows, and mobile platforms. We can provide integrated solutions that allow you to access the tools and data you need regardless of your environment. Our senior technical staff have an average of over 30 of experience in software applications development, signal processing technologies, database design, government operations, and much more. Because of our wide range of skills and dedication to making the work place more people-friendly, we can truly improve your workplace experience through appropriate technical solutions and intuitive user interfaces.

People are our focus - You spend most of your day in the office. That time should be productive and as stress-free as possible. That is our whole focus. Our applications fit your work environment, whether that means web-based, windows-based, or mobile applications. We can develop for a wide range of environments, including tools that can be accessed either from the web or your mobile phone. We also provide training, workshops, and user documentation guaranteed to please.

We listen - Athene proactively solicits and encourages user feedback at all levels. We typically include user feedback mechanisms into our web-based applications, so management can see where users are happy, and where change is wanted. We also hold user-satisfaction workshops to identify where users would like to see improvements to help with daily work life. The leadership of any organization is in a stewardship for well-being and effectiveness of their teams, and you want to know when users are struggling. By encouraging and tracking user feedback, you have a clear picture of where users need more help, and how our tools can be improved to better empower users at all levels. Why do we do this? Because we want your business for years to come.
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